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How Managed IT Services Will Benefit Your Company?

Both our services and support solutions are designed to benefit your company and you to continue with your business without any issues. As an experienced provider of IT solutions, our tech department is perfectly placed to assist each and every client with whatever issues they face.

From managing your current IT setup, to our consultants discussing ways in which your hardware or infrastructure could be improved, we have you covered from every angle.

Also, we provide managing solutions from both a remote perspective as well as on site. If you encounter any problems, our technicians will be on hand to solve those issues swiftly and professionally.

But as each customer is unique, why not call us direct to learn more about the ways in which our support services can help your Melbourne based company? Our office is ready for your call, and we will be happy to talk you through our various solutions to help you better understand which service is best for your needs.

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IT Consulting and Professional Services Melbourne

Our Range Of IT Services

Managed IT Services

Managed IT services means your company no longer has to worry about dealing with any technology related to IT. Whether it be the observance of systems, dealing with the cloud, security, hardware, software, and more, our company is on hand to deal with every aspect on your behalf.

Business IT Support

As business IT support providers, it means you have a reliable team to contact should something go wrong with your network or IT systems. By contacting us, your business can be back up and running in no time at all.

Small Business IT Support

Businesses of all sizes deserve support with their IT needs. Our team is available to not only sort out your technology, but to implement the correct systems that allow your business to run smoothly.

IT Consulting & Professional Services

Our technicians provide consultancy services to businesses of all sizes across Melbourne. The key for us is to not only seek to manage your current systems, but to look at how to improve your overall performance.

Cloud Services

The cloud is a key piece of technology for the storage and access of data. Not only can we help you to create your cloud account, but also move data across and help you manage the data accordingly.

IT Security & Networking

We provide advice and management of all your security requirements to protect both your infrastructure and data. Also, we put you on the right network for your needs to improve performance.

Application Support

Do you worry that you are using incorrect software and applications? If so, then allow us to check your applications and provide some insight into ways that it can be improved.

Virtual CIO

Our virtual CIO service will allow you to focus on your business while we deal with the management of your IT projects. Allow us to partner with you on your IT projects and take control while you deal with the rest of your business.

VOIP & Communications

VOIP rules the world, but you also need a strong connection and network to make sure you don’t drop that call. Our team will provide you with that reliable connection allowing your company to have meetings around the world.

Connectivity & NBN

Your business deserves the best connection and service possible. With NBN, it’s faster than ever before, so allow us to work with your provider to offer you the best experience ever.

Why Choose Us?

But why choose us over any other Melbourne based services provider? Well, the answer to that question is easy.

As soon as you contact us, you will realise that the service we provide to our clients goes above and beyond other companies in the same industry.

As an experienced services provider, we do not only offer support and provide solutions to your problems. Instead, we partner with you to continually provide the best IT infrastructure for your company.

Our consultants are highly experienced, and our team of experts are second to none. We ensure that your business is able to flourish while our experts deal with the technical side of things. Also, we keep in touch with you throughout any projects and take care to provide you with workable solutions that will help your business for years to come.

What to Expect?

As soon as you phone, you will discover that our company is about way more than simply having certified engineers who can answer all sorts of technical questions.

Instead, you will learn how the solutions we provide to our clients can cover each and every aspect of your IT needs. Our services range from dealing with security issues, to helping with data, to establishing stronger networks that fit into what your company needs in order to thrive.

But we don’t simply tell you what we think your business needs. We don’t tell you that certain hardware needs to be updated or your software is out of date. Instead, we explain why things may need to change, and alert you to what could possibly go wrong in the future.

That’s because we believe in clarity and being completely honest with your current setup. If you use any of our services, we will always seek to explain why things may need to happen for your company to thrive. You can ask our engineers any question you like, and we will answer. Oh, and don’t stress about the cost. We know that so many people worry about the price of these services, but all of that is explained in some detail before any work is carried out.

Basically, there will be no surprises at any point. That applies even if you only require our services on an ad hoc basis rather than via our managed IT services options. You will know in advance what something will cost, and there will never be any hidden extras in the future.

So if you are tired of worrying about any aspect of IT and how it may be affecting your business, then take the sensible option and get in touch with us today. Our office team are ready for your call, and will only be too happy to help. We will ensure that we answer all of your questions even over the phone, so call via the number listed here on our website, and allow us to showcase our amazing customer service.

What Our Customers Say About Us

At At
At At
I have worked with them for over 2 years now representing different companies.They have not only helped us setup our key infrastructure but provide exceptional ongoing IT services and support from setting up new systems to data security. The end to end IT solution they provide has been great for us as it provided us the peace of mind we needed. Their friendly and professional IT team are always available to help and never say a task is too big. I would recommend this team to any small business out there who don’t want deal with IT headaches
Herbert Hayes
Herbert Hayes
This IT firm seriously offers the best business IT support. We are in the process of becoming a medium sized business (upgrading from small business) and that presents a lot of challenges and resources which they've helped with. From initial scoping, to costs involved, smarter ways to use new technologies to save on infrastructure costs etc are all the recommendations we needed as this is not OUR speciality and we rely on the experts to support with this. I must say I have used a few IT managed services in my time and these guys are far superior just on the sheer humanistic approach to things. Without their help this transition would have been alot harder.
Aaron Hale
Aaron Hale
This company was great to deal with. They were honest and upfront and it was because of this we decided to go with them. Good IT people are hard to find these days and they were seriously invested in as limiting downtime for the business as possible. Thanks team, the small things mean a lot!
Dana Pauley
Dana Pauley
Been so great to work with. They listened to what we needed and quoted us on what works best for us and in our budget; not just what worked for their systems. They provided us good ideas on how to get best service on our IT equipment for our practice, and we will be using them for 3 other rollouts too – amazing technicians
Lindsay Swanson
Lindsay Swanson
These guys have been super helpful over the years. They are friendly and accessible, perfect for a small company in need of IT assistance. Really knowledgeable and friendly. When we had questions, they were fast and to-the-point in answering and problem solving. The same goes for computer issues. They successfully cleaned my computer after I accidentally clicked on an infected email link – it now runs faster than ever before. They helped with fixing external harddrive that crashed, and with recovering lost data on that external drive, saved me a heap of time! Thanks guys.
Sarah Jane
Sarah Jane
Only the best service from the team! They helped sort out a better hosting solution for our small business emails, as well as organise internet and telephone solutions through their local network. Explained everything and was a very smooth experience with great communication the whole way through. Will be back when future IT support is needed for sure.

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